Wild Bill


Washboard, Vocals, Harmonica, Kazoo, Nose Flute...such and so forth

Wild Bill wasn't born with a washboard in his hands—it just seems that way. He began his washboard career while still a wee lad in the suburban wilds of Buffalo, New York, as a co-founder of the Zing Kings Jug Band.

He made his public concert debut with "Coney Island Washboard" at a talent Show at Kenmore West High School and went on to perform at such illustrious local venues as the Allentown Art Festival, the Pure Tear Coffeehouse and Dialing for Dollars with Liz Dribben.

Since those early days, he's been a member of such esteemed jug ensembles as The South Happiness Street Society Skiffle Band (backing up famed bluesman Jesse ("The Lone Cat") Fuller, The Sunnyland Happytime Washboard Band, The Henry Graiver Jug Band, and The Star Spangled Washboard Band (whose 1976 album, A Collector's Item, on Flying Fish Records, lives up to its title).

He's rubbed out the rhythm on his washboard at such diverse venues as the Mariposa Folk Festival in Toronto, the Kennedy Center in Washington DC, Willie Nelson's Whiskey River in Dallas, The Mike Douglas Show in Philadelphia and Disney World in Orlando.

In Ramblin Jug Stompers, Wild Bill not only plays washboard, but also harmonica, kazoo, tambourine, hi-hat, train whistle, mouthbow, the Bathhouse Brass, noseflute, and other assorted toys that he frequently pulls out of his bag of tricks.

INFLUENCES: Geoff Muldaur, Spike Jones, the Hoosier Hot Shots, Marcel Duchamp, Roger Miller, Harry Partch.