Banjo, Vocals

Full disclosure #1: Bowtie kissed international celebrity Phyllis Diller on national television. That's the kind of raw sexual energy and animal magnetism that the Ramblin Jug Stompers' banjoman exudes. And what more can you say about a man who spent his youth hopping freight trains, traveling the sea as a merchant seaman, bartending in Greenwich Village, working in a lumber camp in Montana, acting as guide and protégé of a blind blues singer and leading a coal miners strike? Sadly, Bowtie did none of these things ...but has still mastered them all from watching black and white documentary films!

Bowtie grew up Detroit and Virginia, and started playing 5-string banjo in high school. His first band, The Canterbury Trio, won their high school talent show by singing the “naughty” song Ah Woe Ah Me.

Bowtie quickly learned the value of taking the low ground, and has laid claim to it ever since. Moving forward, Bowtie was a founding member of both the Star Spangled Washboard Band and Blotto, and vows not to repeat the same mistakes (or songs) in RJS. He toured for many years and has appeared everywhere from NYC punk landmark Max's Kansas City, to Disney World, to the Philadelphia Folk Festival, MTV.

Bowtie’s favorite Jug Stompers song is “Mornin Blues”, which, coincidentally, he sings. If he had his way, the Stompers would be transported back in time, and find themselves playing old-time country radio shows with the Stanley Brothers and Uncle Dave Macon.

Full disclosure #2: Bowtie has never lived in the country or on a farm.

INFLUENCES: The Kingston Trio, Flatt & Scruggs, Pete Seeger, Stanley Brothers, Uncle Dave Macon, Billy Faier, Grandpa Jones, Stringbean, Jim Kweskin.